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About Dr Swagato Chowdhury

Dr Swagato Chowdhury is an" Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon". He was clinical fellow in "Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute". He had training for reconstructive surgery from AIMS, Kochi. His special expertise is on Oral Cancer Treatment (Surgery) and Reconstructive Surgery (Microvascular). He does all types of Maxillofacial Surgeries as well.

Treatments for You

Oral Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery

Malignant (Cancer) or Non-Malignant tumors of Upper and Lower Jaws

Salivary gland tumors

Precancerous Lesions and conditions

Jaw correction Surgeries

Facial bone fractures

Infections of Oral Cavity, Face and Neck


What my Patients Say

Abhishek Roy

"Dr. Swagato Chowdhury is one doctor who has always truly valued the trust we laid upon him. Besides his comforting gestures and welcoming approachability, which are very rare qualities amongst doctors these days, his advices are just optimum for the best possible treatment. Our patient had multiple health complications amidst an aggresive squamous cell carcinoma. While most of our patient's treating doctors advised palliative measures owing to the critical health condition, Dr.Chowdhury evaluated, brainstormed, conferenced with other doctors to zero in on surgery with a curative intent despite it going to be a high-risk operation. He successfully pulled out the 8 hour surgery to gift our patient a new life despite all health hazards. He has a brilliant foresight of the surgical proceedings with respect to the individual patient. Not only this, Dr. Chowdhury is so precise with his analysis and so keen with his observations that all diagnostic reports post-consultation happen to corroborate with his study of the patient's condition. In fact, his analysis could even save an error in a crucial diagnostic report which was later corrected by the centre when pointed out by Dr. Chowdhury.

It's also quite necessary to mention that the highly skilled surgeon happens to be a very good human being above all with quite a big repository of patience while being professional at the optimum level..a lovely blend in a doctor! "


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My Expertise

Oral Cancer Surgeries

Plastic Reconstruction for Oral Cancer

Microvascular reconstructive Surgery for Head and neck Cancer